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Artqueensandy: An Art Teacher's Life for Me

So, I humbly step out in faith on this new journey to share my love of teaching art with other teachers in the hopes that my 27 years of teaching experience working with students age kindergarten to college might benefit someone. The only thing that I love more than teaching art (to high schoolers these days) is sharing with other visual art teachers. Art teachers are truly the unsung heroes of education today. We are the reason kids want to come and stay in school sometimes. We are the underappreciated and underestimated grease in the wheels of the educational process. We teach kids to think, to solve problems, and to make the world a better space to live and work in. Those who Yes, but those who teach art CAN also do AND can teach others how to do it too!

To you, fellow artist teachers, I offer the benefit of years of begging, borrowing, and let's face it-stealing (wink, wink) from the best of the best art teachers and mentors I have had the honor of working with over the years.

First, a little about me...I have taught everything from Kindergarten to college although for the last 17 years I have taught at a large high school in upper state SC. Yep, I'm a southern girl (luckily you can't tell from my post, how thick a southern drawl I have!) I also spent the better part of 15 years teaching secondary methods in art education at the local university. I have an MA in Art Education and National Board Certification in Art K-12th grade.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I get to do!! Tell me, what other job allows you to make and share art all day with a wealth of art materials and like minded individuals (even if my Art I kiddos are at times reluctant learners!)? So from this blog, I hope to share pedagogy/best practices, lesson ideas, art material must-haves, classroom decor, and all things art teacher :-)

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